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It’s a blend of experience, calling, and motivation that led us to elevate international tech recruiting to new heights.

Our unwavering passion lies in forging meaningful connections between ambitious individuals and companies with visionary goals.


Create a world where equal opportunities and boundless inspiration empower every individual to hit their peak.


We aim to build a global community that values diversity, encourages teamwork, and serves the needs of all, igniting passion.


Back in March 2020, our founder Manuel arrived just in time for Australia to close its borders due to COVID-19. While on his work-and-travel adventure, he spent long hours on the road, where he researched the Australian job market and skilled labor immigration strategies from the Australian government. Manuel also observed the significant surge in ‘The Quiet Quitting’ during the pandemic, sparking his curiosity about how society can address this trend, all while keeping an eye on mental health and the evolution of the new work landscape.

This sparked several ideas in his mind.

When he returned to Europe and his home country of Germany in April 2022 to visit his family in the German countryside, he was shocked to see so many bakeries and restaurants closed. He knew that the demographic crisis had not even begun and that this could have a devastating impact on our global economy, well-being, and even our freedom. He also had traveled enough to know that there are many amazing people around the world who are eager to work and grow personally. He just had to find a sustainable way to bring them together and create a better future together.

It was a longer journey too, but in May 2023, Tab To Talent was born. 🚀

In a world facing resource shortages, climate challenges, and digital transformation, we combine human expertise with AI support to bring top talents to innovative workplaces. Our goal is to help create sustainable and ethical solutions for our planet’s future.

Core Values

Outside of the Box

If we would like to walk the same trails as others before, we just could rely on AI. But we don’t - that’s why we are committed to human creativity and courage.


We believe in maintaining a balance in all we do, acting with foresight and care.

Quality over quantity

We set high standards and we believe less is more, as we are self-funded we have the cheer to focus without the pressure to achieve unrealistic goals.


As AI spreads, we focus on unique human skills like empathy, ethics and morality.

One Planet

We are mindful and contribute to protecting and preserving nature and the environment.

Don’t forget to laugh

We believe in the transformative power of laughter. Humour helps us create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere where smiles are contagious and inspiration flourishes.

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100 % remote

You’ll find us in co-working spaces, office vans, or local cafes, ever-adapting to the rhythm of modern life. We usually span time zones from Sydney to Berlin, but we’re also tuned in to talents in America.


We believe the best talent knows no borders.

We have the setup to perform at our best and fulfill our mission.

We LOVE what we’re doing!

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