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TabToTalent is reshaping the recruitment landscape in the tech industry with inventive methods and adaptable pricing models. Our strategy goes beyond standard CV evaluations; we’re focused on uncovering global talent potential and facilitating their smooth integration. Through our Talent Alignment Blueprint (TAB), we delve into candidates’ mindset and potential, as well as their skills and experience. We’re dedicated to matching the ideal tech talents with the perfect teams, transforming the recruitment experience.

Choosing TabToTalent means embracing a multitude of benefits:

  • Our Talent Alignment Blueprint (TAB) goes beyond traditional recruitment tactics, providing deeper and more meaningful insights into each candidate.
  • We serve as a comprehensive hub for recruitment, immigration, and relocation, streamlining these complex processes for you.
  • In essence, we’re about empowering you with freedom and flexibility in your hiring journey.

Our process is swift and efficient. Within the first week after kickoff, we start presenting candidates. While the power to hire remains in your hands and may vary from organization to organization, following our best practice guidelines can expedite the hiring process. Ideally, we can complete the hiring of the optimal candidate within 10 working days, ensuring a seamless candidate experience.

For international candidates, the onboarding date usually ranges between 3 and 6 months, depending on immigration and relocation factors. The onboarding timeline for onshore candidates is subject to notice periods and other considerations

  • Wiser hiring decisions: TAB helps you identify candidates who are a good fit for your team in terms of their skills, motivation and attitude.
  • Happier employees: TAB helps you find candidates who are passionate about their work and a good match for your company.
  • Faster hiring turnaround: TAB can help you to shorten the hiring process, so you can get the great characters for your team faster.
  • The cost of TabToTalent’s services varies depending on the specific services you need. We offer a free discovery call to discuss your needs and to get a quote.
  • Unlike typical staffing agencies or headhunters, we specialise in permanent placements for international tech talents. Talents seek us out for our expertise and service. We enjoy establishing long-term, quality connections that contribute to a promising future.

To make your life easy and upgrade the recruiting process. With a specialisation in this field, we align our goals with yours to achieve the desired outcome.

Absolutely! Our services won’t cost you a dime, but you’ll need to meet the requirements.

If you don’t like the job offer, please tell us what is missing. You do NOT have to accept any job offer. We’ll then whip up new opportunities that align better with your preferences.

Typically, the entire process usually takes between 3 and 6 months.

Yes, you can! Whichever country you opt for, there’s a pathway to permanent residency and, later on, even citizenship.

Nope, you’ll do just fine with English. However, if Germany you decide to stick around long-term, picking up some German could be a good move.

Unfortunately, we can’t help in that case.

But if you’re determined to kickstart a tech career abroad, we might offer alternative programs. 

Drop us a message, and we’ll explore the options together.

Usually, it’s onsite so you have to show up in the office. Anyway, some companies offer hybrid solutions, letting you work from home for a set number of days annually.

To make your life easy and effortlessly pass through the recruitment process! We possess the know-how, and our aim is to align with your mission, ensuring a hassle-free transition.