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Feeling exhausted with the never-ending hunt for tech talent?

Recruiting Generation Z tech minds, especially from every corner of the globe, can indeed feel like a steep mountain to climb.

Here are some of the challenges you may face:

And many more, YOU NAME IT!

Whatever the case might be, the shortage of tech talent is an issue affecting businesses of all sizes.

The good cards swopped around …

…and they probably won’t be coming back shortly!

Recruiting = COMPLEX

It’s a tough Sales job and you should be skilled in the following:


Did we miss something? 

Your one-stop SOLUTION for your tech talent needs.

Do NOT BLAME your HR-Team or someone else.
Even with a remarkable budget for employer branding and great employer benefits, attracting IT-experts can be challenging at the end of the day. 

Play your winning CARD!
Channel your valued time into tasks only you can handle. We source and match IT professionals worldwide for your open positions ensuring a smooth transition through immigration and relocation.

Their attention to detail and personalized approach set them apart from other agencies we have worked with in the past.

Make hiring future talents a breeze.

Save time and money to free up resources for other projects.

Empower your teams to perform at their best with great hiring.

Scale your business without borders and reach your goals.

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The agency's commitment to diversity and inclusion in their candidate pool was highly appreciated.

Why Choose TabToTalent?

Fast, reliable solutions within just 15 days.

Access to a global network for tech-talents.

All-in-one solution for recruiting, immigration and relocation services.

Stress-free re-hiring within the first 3 months, guaranteed

High-quality matching system backed by AI and human empathy.

Rich cultural expertise and understanding of regional markets

Their ability to rapidly fill our urgent tech positions left us thoroughly impressed.

How does it works?

Different companies have different needs. We’re here to fit yours. Here’s a break-down of our standard process, step-by-step:


We will discuss your company’s unique needs, culture, and goals during a video call lasting up to 90 minutes. You have the option to complete a questionnaire beforehand to enhance the efficiency of the process for both parties, although it is not mandatory.

This approach helps us gain a deeper understanding of what your company represents, what you are seeking, and your objectives. From this, we develop a tailored hiring plan that aligns with your needs.


We leverage our extensive network and state-of-the-art technology to attract the finest talent in your industry. 

Rather than solely waiting for candidates to approach us, we proactively seek them out, including those who may not be actively job hunting.


This is the stage where our expertise truly shines. We meticulously evaluate each candidate, blending cutting-edge technology with a personalized approach.

To discover more about how we harness emotional intelligence as a secret weapon in tech recruiting, download our complimentary whitepaper, ‘Emotional Intelligence – The Secret Weapon in Tech Recruiting’, for detailed insights.


In the Presentation stage, we make things easy for you. With our TabToTalent Smart View, you’ll receive a short, sharp list of the best candidates.

Each one is summarized on just two pages, highlighting key skills, experience, and how well they fit your company culture. It’s all the info you need, quick and clear, to decide who you want to interview.

Interview and Selection

We oversee the entire interview process, taking care of everything from scheduling to providing feedback and follow-ups.

Our aim is to streamline your hiring experience, making it as seamless and stress-free as possible. We ensure you’re equipped with all the necessary information to confidently select the ideal candidate for your team.


After you’ve chosen your new team member, we assist with the onboarding process to guarantee a smooth transition into your workplace.

Additionally, we offer continuous support with immigration and relocation matters, helping to secure the long-term success of your new hire.

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Emotional Intelligence in Tech Recruiting - The Secret Weapon!

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Emotional Intelligence in Tech Recruiting - The Secret Weapon!

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